About Switzerland

About Switzerland

  • Switzerland has four national languages including French, German, Italian and Rhaeto-Romantsch. The latter has Latin roots.
  • The Swiss currency is not the euro, but the Swiss franc (CHF). As at October 2013, one Swiss franc is worth around EUR 0.81/USD 1.10/GBP 0.68.
  • Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates of all industrialized countries, despite having liberal gun laws (2.3–4.5 million guns in a population of 8 million).
  • There’s a political party in Switzerland that actually works to decrease the number of PowerPoints used in professional presentations! The Anti-PowerPoint Party or APPP is a Swiss political party founded in 2011. They’re dedicated to decreasing the professional use of Microsoft PowerPoint and other presentation software.

General Information on Switzerland

  • Official Name: Swiss Confederation
  • Capital: Bern (Current local time)
  • Government Type: Federal Republic
  • Population: 7.55 million
  • Area: 15,941 sq. mi.; about the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined.
  • Languages: German (official) 63.7%, French (official) 20.4%, Italian (official) 6.5%, Serbo-Croatian 1.5%, Albanian 1.3%, Portuguese 1.2%, Spanish 1.1%, English 1%, Romansch (official) 0.5%
  • Literacy: Total population: [99%]; Male: [99%]; Female: [99%]
  • Year of Independence: 1291
  • Web site: Admin.ch

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