• In recent labor market history, one of the most striking features has been the increase in part-time employment. In Switzerland, one person out of three works part-time. 57% of women work part-time compared to only 13% of men. This disparity between women and men is one of the highest worldwide.
  • More than half of women work part-time, but among men the share does not exceed 14%.

Median: The monthly median gross salary of jobholders (all education levels, all ages) amounted 2010 in Switzerland to 5,979 CHF. Only 10.7% of the jobs are paid less than 4,000 CHF.

o Salary for university graduates: The salary of jobholders with a university degree is much higher: Universities: 10,349 CHF, universities of applied sciences: 8,968 CHF (median, all ages).

o Salary in R&D: In the sector R&D, the monthly mean gross salary (median, all education levels, and all ages) amounted 2010 in Switzerland to 9,633 CHF for jobs with highly difficult, skilled and independent tasks.

o Salary per industry sector: The salaries in the sectors R&D (8,498 CHF), telecommunication (8,527 CHF), public administration (8,743 CHF), pharmaceutical industry (8,941 CHF) und banking (9,357 CHF) are higher than the median salary. For the highest skilled jobs, the salaries are even higher (class of insurance: 14,919 CHF, banking: 16,724 CHF, pharmaceutical industry: 17,156 CHF und in der tobacco industry: 22,000 CHF, maschine industry: 10,324 CHF, health sector: 9,750 CHF, and building industry: 8138 CHF (all education levels, all ages).

Salary for foreigners: Highly skilled foreigners earn more than Swiss. Highly skilled Swiss jobholders earned 2010 11,026 CHF, whereas residents earned 12’303 CHF, short-term residents 15,100 CHF, and temporary residents 13’650 CHF. Only border crosser earned less (10,931 CHF) (median, all education levels, all ages).

Below is the list of Average Salaries:

  • Customer Service and Call Center-5,000 CHF
  • Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering-5,500 CHF
  • Factory and Manufacturing-5,767 CHF
  • Advertising / Grapic Design / Event Management-5,875 CHF
  • Real Estate-6,000 CHF
  • Facilities / Maintenance / Repair-6,000 CHF
  • Fashion and Apparel-6,250 CHF
  • Import and Export-6,333 CHF
  • Health and Medical-6,450 CHF
  • Administration/ Reception/Secretarial-6,500 CHF
  • Construction / Building / Installation-6,650 CHF
  • Airlines/Aviation/Aerospace/Defense-6,667 CHF
  • Science and Technical Services-6,736 CHF
  • Media/Broadcasting/Arts/Entertainment-6,896 CHF
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology-6,950 CHF
  • Fitness/Hair/Beauty-7,000 CHF
  • Engineering-7,228 CHF
  • Quality Control and Compliance-7,233 CHF
  • Architecture-7,367 CHF
  • Information Technology-7,456 CHF
  • Purchasing and Inventory-7,568 CHF
  • Legal-7,583 CHF
  • Banking-7,586 CHF
  • Telecommunication-7,600 CHF
  • Human Resources-7,690 CHF
  • Accounting and Finance-7,715 CHF
  • Marketing-7,877 CHF
  • Courier/Delivery/Transport/Drivers-8,000 CHF
  • Insurance-8,133 CHF
  • Environmental-8,333 CHF
  • Executive and Management-8,464 CHF
  • Sales Retail and Wholesale-8,479 CHF
  • Business Planning-9,250 CHF

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